Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Elizabeth Gilbert is a fan of cupcakes too

Elizabeth Gilbert loved our cupcakes, and apparently ate quite a few during the book signing.
We spent the evening listening to Elizabeth Gilbert talk about life.....life since Eat Pray Love primarily. She talked about her creative process and what it's like to be perceived as someone who has figured it out. She's exactly what we thought she would be like...smart, witty , humble, honest....
After the main event there was a private reception. We sat at a table with 7 women, 3 sets of sisters @ the table..... Liz Gilbert fans all.
One sister flew in from Baltimore to see Elizabeth Gilbert with her sister, 1 sister read Eat Pray Love thru brain cancer treatment....our table had quite a few laughs. I wish we had gotten names of the girls we shared a table with.
I asked Liz Gilbert for her favorite place in Italy that is off the beaten....can't wait to go "Alfredo Y Ada"

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